Bass Nation show on Purple Radio, 14th May 2014


Bass Nation show on Purple Radio, 14th May 2014

First show for Purple Radio, somewhat rough round the edges as it’s the first time I’ve done anything quite like this, but hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Good tunes from reggae, hip hop and psyche rock to acid house and jungle.

1. No regrets – Double O featuring Lemar
2.Untitled – Buck 65
3.Your Revolution – Dj Vadim featuring Sarah Jones
4.No – Moodymann
5.The Bits – Blackdown
6.In these times – Errol Walker
7.Lion Dub – Sly and Robbie
8.She’s gone – Rootah and Disrupt
9.King of the mountain – Kate Bush
10.Fizz (live) – Can
11.No good trying – Syd Barret
12.Lepers and roses – Pearls before swine
13.Ageipolis – Aphex Twin
14.Days like this – Shanti Celeste
15.Make it happen – Playgroup
16.X – Funkineven X Delroy Wilson
17.This is acid – Maurice
18.Acid Sex – A jackin phreak
19.The mighty atom crusher – Techno Animal
20.Atmosphere – Dj Phantasy
21.White (a side) – Dj SS
22.Farside – Dj AKA
23.Can’t deal with this (Alex Reece mix) – Cool Breeze


Hilarious video of first time gamer playing Skyrim

From The Verge:

Eight months after its release, it looks like there’s at least one person who hasn’t mastered Skyrim yet. His name is Conan O’Brien, but in the world of Tamriel, he’s a member of the feline Khajiit race who goes by the name “Mr. Buttons.” Part of Conan’s “Clueless Gamer” series, this video is worth watching just for how terrible he is. Picking a fight with a random passerby, he gets killed. Scaring a few chickens, he gets killed. He very nearly gets killed by a woolly mammoth, only to have his friend step in and save the day. There’s a lot of faux-helplessness here, but it’s amusing to get an outsider’s take on the Skyrim universe.