Music currently rocking my boat

Here’s a quick round up of music both old and new that I’m currently listening to. First up is the return of a classic name in hardcore rave back in the early nineties, Manix. Manix were / are one half of revolutionary and gifted rave pioneers, 4Hero. Essentially Manix is Marc Mac’s project. Whereas 4Hero were out there on the avant garde of British rave, Manix was Marc’s outlet for feel-good often piano-led hardcore rave, sometimes with some Belgium nu-beat references but essentially warm and euphoric. So I was delighted to see what an album is due, and some tracks from 2011 are up on Youtube. Check out this slice of sunny rave – it’s like thirty years peeling away within the first few bars.

Continuing the theme of contemporary drum n bass that sounds authentically like old rave, here’s another amazing track I stumbled on the other day from Terminal State, “Into the depths”. I don’t have much info on this artist, but notably I don’t buy much modern jungle these days on the whole as it’s moved so far from it’s roots, I don’t really feel that sense of ownership anymore – but this is beautiful.

Next up is a mostly instrumental grime mix with some great drops into MC-led tracks, courtesy of the ever brilliant Ruff Squad and others – mixed by my old mate Paul Meme, otherwise known as Grievous Angel. Subscribe to Paul’s blog and his soundcloud page for more of his tracks and mixes.

And lastly, here’s a track from the brilliantly downbeat named Library Tapes, called simply Fragment VIII, from the album Fragment. Library Tapes builds on found sounds, from library recordings (funnily enough). This album is entirely created from orchestral noises, pianos, strings, and errr…. that’s about it. It’s incredibly, staggeringly beautiful.

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