Online ZX spectrum games

As a coda to the personal history of personal computers article I published last week, I’d like to present some playable online ZX Spectrum games for your delectation.

These games are all running within emulators, either written in Java, or amazingly, Javascript. The Javascript efforts are incredible in this ex-programmers estimation: ported from the open source Fuse Z80 emulator that is written in c, Spectrum snapshots (snapshots are a standard emulator format for ZX spectrum games based on the original tape recordings) are converted into javascript libraries. It’s brilliant, and it works.

Here is an online version of Knight Lore:

And Sabre Wulf, also from the same studio:

Lords of Midnight:

Brilliantly, there’s also a multi user version of this early RPG. I haven’t tried this out yet so I have no idea if it actually works.

I didn’t talk about adventure gaming on the Spectrum, but I was a big fan of Melbourne House text based adventures such as The Hobbit, Sherlock and more. Telling Gandalf to kill Thorin and Gandalf actually doing it was pretty good (if a bit weird and inconsistent from the books!). Here’s an online version of the Hobbit.

And lastly, I couldn’t find online versions of any of Mel Croucher’s games, but here’s a snapshot of PiMania that can be downloaded for the emulator of your choice:


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